IN THE NEWS: CBS NEWS – America First? Not for foreign tourists

Since this post's publication, data has been updated. To view current international travel data review here

America and Turkey have something in common: They’re the only two countries to suffer from a decline in long-haul travel since 2015.

Top tourism destinations such as the U.K., Australia and Italy have all benefited from an increase in visitors during the last two years, but America and Turkey haven’t shared in the expansion, according to data from the U.S. Travel Association.

The sharp decline in foreign visitors to the U.S. has alarmed several industries that rely on tourism, ranging from hotels to retailers. So they’re banding together to create a new coalition called Visit U.S. that aims to reverse the two-year trend. President Donald Trump’s policies on immigration and his “America First” platform may be turning off foreign visitors, although the U.S. Travel Association pointed out that the decline began in 2015, well before Mr. Trump won the presidential election.

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