PRESS RELEASE: Visit U.S. Coalition Responds with Concern to Administration’s Proposed Changes for Visa Applications


April 11, 2018
Contact: Andrea Riccio

Visit U.S. Coalition Responds with Concern to Administration’s Proposed Changes for Visa Applications

Washington – In response to the Trump Administration’s proposal to require additional information from visa applicants, the Visit U.S. Coalition released the following statement:

“International travel to the U.S. has the power to boost nearly all sectors of the U.S. economy, creating jobs in cities and towns across the country,” said Visit U.S. Coalition spokesman Amos Snead. “Since 2015, the U.S. has lost market share in international travel, which translates to billions of dollars lost for the American economy. To reverse this trend and realize the economic benefits of international travel to the U.S., the visa process must be efficient while maintaining the highest levels of security.

“Imposing new, burdensome requirements on all potential visa applicants will significantly discourage international travel to the U.S. and negatively impact our nation’s ability to generate economic growth and create jobs for Americans. The Visit U.S. Coalition is committed to ensuring that policy changes do not further erode America’s market share of international travelers.  We look forward to working with the State Department to ensure that policies further both our national security and U.S. economic interests,” said Snead.

The Trump Administration’s recently proposed rule would require five years’ worth of data related to applicants’ social media accounts, telephone numbers, email addresses, and travel histories. The rule would have affected nearly 15 million travelers last year.

Earlier this year, the Visit U.S. Coalition formed around the belief that Americans want both security and a robust economy – and can have both. Working alongside the White House and Congress in support of American businesses, Visit U.S. is committed to making America the most secure and most-visited country in the world.


The Visit U.S. Coalition represents a broad cross-section of industries that have come together to address the decline in international travelers to the U.S. and resulting opportunity cost to the U.S. economy and jobs.