In the News: Washington Examiner – Travel industry taps ex-Trump campaign aide Stephen Moore to influence president who trusts familiar faces

Conservative economist Stephen Moore has been tapped by a coalition of industry groups to encourage President Trump, whose family fortune relies in part on hotel revenue, to support efforts to revive sagging international tourism to the U.S.

Moore advised Trump during the 2016 campaign where he worked closely with Larry Kudlow, now the chief White House economic adviser. The selection of Moore reflects a calculation that with a president whose decision-making style is based on conversations with acquaintances and confidants and that often bypasses conventional government processes, the personal touch is key. Travel and business advocacy organizations hope to leverage Moore to attract Trump’s attention and spur action on legislation and regulatory reform.

“Stephen has a lot of influence,” said Jonathan Grella, spokesman for the U.S. Travel Association, a coalition leader. “He was a natural choice.”

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