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Since this post's publication, data has been updated. To view current international travel data review here

Since the early days of his campaign, President Trump has identified the U.S. trade imbalance and the flight of jobs abroad as major economic concerns that his administration will address. To help meet these priorities, we hope he looks at one area of the economy with which he’s quite familiar: international travel.

Inbound travel is our country’s second-largest export, and international travelers are some of this country’s most valuable consumers. They spend billions of dollars annually at hotels, restaurants and retail stores while visiting destinations across the country. The benefits of these dollars stretch far beyond the travel industry itself, to a wide swath of economic sectors and to every corner of the country: in total, travel supports $2.3 trillion in economic output annually and 15.3 million American jobs.

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The United States is open for business.

That’s the message a new industry group, the Visit U.S. Coalition, wants to send to other countries amid a decline in the number of international travelers coming to the United States.

The U.S. Travel Association, joined by nine other trade associations, is spearheading the effort, which centers on working with the Trump administration and getting agencies to collaborate on a common set of policies.

“We’ve looked at an administration that has been quite distracted with getting tax reform done” and working on health care, Roger Dow, the travel group’s chief executive, said Tuesday. “Now we think the time is right.”

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